This form should be completed by the person who intends to carry out building work or their agent.

If you need assistance in completing this form, please contact Building Control.

Step 1 – Upload Files

Please upload ALL relevant Site Plans, other Plans, documents and Calculations. Please upload 5 files at a time.

Step 2 – Application Form

Please DOWNLOAD & complete the following form.

If you are NOT the Client, then this form MUST be forwarded to the Client for signing digitally after completion.

Please forward the signed form to:

Step 3 PAY

You will need to know how much to pay if paying online. If unsure, please use the online calculator or give us a call.


1. The applicant is the person on whose behalf the work is being carried out, eg the building’s owner.

2. Two copies of this Application Form should be submitted together with site plan, plans and particulars in duplicate in accordance with the provisions of Building Regulation 14.

Where the building is a workplace that will be subject to provisions of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, two further copies of plans, which demonstrate compliance with the requirement, should be deposited.

3. Subject to certain exceptions a Full plans Application attracts charges payable by the person by whom or on behalf of whom the work is to be carried out. Most charges are payable in two stages. The first payment must be accompany this application and the second payment is payable after the first site inspection of work in progress. The second charge is a single payment in respect of the relevant work to cover all site visits and consultations that may be necessary until it is satisfactorily completed.

The appropriate charge is dependent upon the type of work proposed. Tables and methods of calculation are set out in the Guidance Note on Charges, which is available on our website.

4. Subject to certain provisions of the public Health Act 1936, owners and occupiers of premises are entitled to have their private foul and surface water drains and sewers connected to public sewers where available. Special arrangements apply to trade effluent discharge. Persons wishing to make such connections must give not less than 21 days’ notice to the appropriate authority.

5. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to all premises that are ‘workplaces’ and the common areas of flats and imposes a duty on the ‘responsible person’ to comply with its requirements.

Workplace includes any premises or parts of premises, not being domestic premises, used for the purpose of an employer’s undertaking and which are made available to an employee as a place of work.

6. Section 16 of the Building Act 1984 provides for the passing of plans subject to conditions. The conditions may specify modifications to the deposited plans and/or that further plans shall be deposited.

7. These notes are for general guidance only, particulars regarding the deposit of plans are contained in Regulation 14 of the Building Regulations 2010 and, in respect of charges, in the Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010.

8. Persons proposing to carry out building work or make a material change of use of a building are reminded that permission may be required under the Town and Country planning Acts.

9. Where electrical work is not carried out and registered by an electrician under a part p competent persons scheme an additional fee/application will be required for this work.