How does the building notice work?

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Before you start work you must submit the “Building Notice” form with the appropriate payment and as much supporting information as you have available to the Building Control Surveyor. It is helpful, and sometimes a requirement, for you to submit a scaled site plan showing the property and the site of the proposed building work.

When can the building notice procedure be used?

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This procedure may be used as an alternative to full plans except where the work involves building over or near a public sewer or the building is a workplace. Therefore, any building work carried out to create or alter a shop, hotel, factory or office or other workplace can only be carried out after a

Regularisation Certificates

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Introduced into the Building Regulations in 1994 this facility enables us to certify that unauthorised work, (i.e. extensions or alterations undertaken without reference to a Building Control Surveyor) carried out since 1985 is to an acceptable standard. A request for Regularisation is to be accompanied by the appropriate payment and any supporting technical information as

How many copies of drawings do I have to supply?

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Generally the forms, plans and details should be deposited in duplicate. However, should the scheme involve a workplace (for which fire precautions and Means of Escape in Case of Fire are required by Building Regulations), then two extra copies of those drawings showing the necessary provision should be submitted. This is to enable consultation with

If I make a Building Notice application, will the Building Control Officer tell me how to carry out the work during his first visit?

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No – while we are always willing to offer help and advice you should not expect to use the Building Control Officer as a substitute for an architect or designer. If you are not confident that you (or your builder) are fully conversant with the requirements of the regulations then we would strongly advise you

If you do not check plans on a Building Notice applications, why are the charges the same as for Full Plans applications?

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As no plan check is made, additional reliance is placed on the inspection stage of the process to ensure the Building Regulations are complied with. This translates into a requirement for either more inspections being necessary, or the inspections made taking longer than would be the case with a Full Plans application, hence the total


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