Yes. If you are carrying out works to one of the following property/land types:

  • Dwellings
  • Common parts of a building serving one or more dwellings (Excluding power supply to lifts)
  • Buildings that receive electricity from a source located within or shared from a dwelling
  • A garden or in land associated with a building where the electricity is from a source located within or shared with a dwelling and the works consist of one of the following:
    • All work that involves adding a new circuit to a dwelling
    • Extra low voltage lighting installations, other than pre-assembled, CE-marked lighting sets
    • Electric floor or ceiling heating systems
    • Solar photovoltaic (PV) power supply systems
    • Small scale generators such as MicroCHP (combined heat and power) units
    • Garden lighting or power installations
    • Extension to the electrical system (separate circuit) to small detached buildings (sheds etc)

Plus the following work when carried out in a kitchen or special location:

  • Adding lighting points (light fittings and switches) to an existing circuit in a special location
  • Adding socket-outlets and fused spurs to an existing ring or radial circuit
  • Installing or upgrading main or supplementary equipotential bonding (earth bonding)
  • Special locations and installations include:
    • Locations containing a bath tub or shower basin
    • Swimming pools or paddling pools
    • Hot air saunas