If you need to view a previously submitted application we can provide this service and applications can be viewed in our office. The cost for this service is £70.00 and the online request form can be used to request this service. However, due the restrictions of Copyright no copies of drawings or calculations can be provided.

Please note –

  • Building Control plans are not public documents and as such there is no express right to view them. If the person enquiring has written authorisation from the person holding the copyright (usually the Architect) we can allow the person to see the plans or copy them if the permission to do so is expressed in the note from the person holding the copyright.

Owners can see plans of their own property but cannot copy them without the copyright authorisation above. There is a cost attached to the provision of Microfiche information of £70.00 per hour (or part thereof). This is the standard fee for plan retrieval, and is non-refundable in the event that the details you have requested do not reveal the information you require.