…for repairs?

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No, not if the repairs are of a minor nature, e.g. replacing the felt to a flat roof, repointing brickwork, replacing floorboards. Although the height of boundary walls may be restricted under the Town and Country Planning Act. Please consult the Planning Service for further advice. If the repair work is major in nature, like removing

…for a swimming pool?

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An external swimming pool, not covered by any structure, is exempt. However, caution should be exercised when siting it close to an existing structure. A swimming pool within an existing or proposed structure requires Building Regulations approval. Consent to discharge water from any swimming pool must be sought from the relevant Water Authority.

…to put rooms in the roof space?

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Yes. Whatever the intended purpose of the room(s), it will be necessary to make a Full Plans or Building Notice application. Often the nature of these works is quite complex and requires the deposit of structural calculations and a complete assessment of the provisions for means of escape. It is, therefore, highly recommended that

…for internal alterations?

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Dwelling Yes, if the alterations are structural (removal or part removal of load bearing wall or chimney breast) or alterations to the drainage system or alterations which affect means of escape in case in fire. Shop, office or other workplace Yes. The Council will also consult with the Fire Authority.

…to build a porch?

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A porch is exempt if: the floor area does not exceed 30m a door is retained between the porch and the rest of the house there is no drainage within the porch and glazing below 800mm in windows and 1,500mm in doors and sidelights is safety glazing. You should also ensure that a porch does


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