Quotations for Building Control Charges

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If you require a quotation for a Building Control application where the fees cannot be calculated through our charges calculator, primarily this will include complex residential schemes, large detached houses exceeding 300m2 floor area and commercial schemes, then the online request form can be used for this purpose. Please upload the relevant drawings and

Viewing applications and plans

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If you need to view a previously submitted application we can provide this service and applications can be viewed in our office. The cost for this service is £70.00 and the online request form can be used to request this service. However, due the restrictions of Copyright no copies of drawings or calculations can

Copies of Approval Notices and Completion Certificates

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The Additional Services Enquiry Form above can be used to request copies of certificates required for conveyancing purposes. Copies of each document will cost £30.00 and can take up to 10 working days although we will endeavour to provide the information sooner. If you require the documents within two working days this can be

Work outside of the Borough

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We have established a system which will allow us to carry out the full range of Building Control services including plan checking and site inspection, outside of the Borough, for new residential and commercial developments. If you have a project that you would like us to consider please complete the online request form and upload

Building Control Consultancy

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If you require information or advice on any Building Control matter or would like us to provide a ‘one stop shop’ with Town Planning, Environmental Heath and Surrey Fire and Rescue for a major development, we can provide this service. We will charge £75/hour or part thereof, to meet at our offices and discuss your


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